Pure, balanced, safe

Pure, balanced and safe.

San Cassiano is a natural mineral water, of underground origin and protected by the strength of our mountains
The importance of hydration

Sport is good for you

Microbiologically pure

San Cassiano is a water "microbiologically pure" bottled at source in the Apennine between Umbria and Marche, tested many times from spring to bottling to preserve its characteristics.
Pure, balanced and safe.

Balanced and Safe

San Cassiano is a balanced water, with a low sodium content and a fixed residual content.
Thanks to the concentration of the mineral salts dissolved in it, it can have a diuretic action.
Perfect to be consumed every day and ideal for low sodium diets.

Sport is discipline
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Every day a good choice

Visually it is colorless. Odorless and with a balanced and neutral taste.
The nsapore, but charging the mineral goodness of the Apennines.
Consumed pure as it is bottled, it quenches thirst from the first sip and is suitable to be consumed daily for its balance and its low residue characteristic , thanks to which it falls into the categories of "mineral waters" .