The Chiaromonte Line

San Cassiano Chiaromonte Line: a unique panorama

The undisputed protagonist of our story is the Apennines, the territory where our water and our company originate. We value its origin, with the claim "A Sip of the Apennines" we claim it belongs and show it in the logo and on our labels. Thus was born the Chiaromonte line: the water of the Apennines.

The environmental Sustainability

The Chiaromonte Pass

We are from the Marche and we are proud of it . When you look at the label of San Cassiano Chiaromonte you are admiring the view that surrounds our source. Chiaromonte is the pass located above our source, which delimits the Marche side of the Apennines from the Umbrianone. The name of this product line is dedicated to this pass. A succession of beautiful peaks, a glimpse of the Marche that we wanted to show you in all its expressions, from dawn to dusk through twilight.

The green of the woods

The stylized silhouette of the mountains is represented in deep green for the still water. This colour recalls our forests illuminated by the sun in broad daylight.

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The golden yellow of the sun

The design of the Apennines around us, which we are lucky enough to be able to admire every day, is show in golden yellow for the sparkling water reference. Like the color of the sky at dawn.

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Twilight orange

The succession of beautiful peaks, the glimpse of Marche that we wanted to show you in pale orange is dedicated to the slightly sparkling water. Expression of our territory before twilight, when the sun sets behind our mountains.

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The environmental Sustainability

The San Cassiano - Chiaromonte

The range

The San Cassiano Chiaromonte line includes a wide range of sizes and tastes, dedicated exclusively to the
  • 1 lt: still, sparkling, med sparkling
  • 0,75 lt: still, sparkling, med sparkling
  • 0.50 lt: still and sparkling
  • 0.25: still and sparkling