The water cycle

The goodness of our water follows an infinite cycle

San Cassiano Mineral Water collects all the purity and vitality of the Marche Apennines, crossing rocks and wild places.

Nature ensures that water is always in supply. In simple words, the water from the earth returns to the sky, in a continuous coming and going. We are committed every day to preserve its integrity and goodness.

The journey of water

It is precisely the rains and snow that fall copiously on the Mount Cucco, to penetrate the rocks of the mountain and cross it.
A journey that water makes drop by drop, through rocks of about 140- 200 million years ago, in a kaleidoscope of colors from red to white in the typical color scale of the Marche region. A journey in which the water is enriched with precious minerals up to the natural aquifer, which welcomes and preserves it, pure and uncontaminated. It happens every day in the heart of our Apennines, which transform the water that passes through them with their vital force.

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From earth to sky

It is the sun that lights up the circle of life of water, heating the water present in the extraordinary territory of the Marche Apennines and in the nearby sea, transforming it into steam. Hot steam that rises up to the sky and condenses into tiny droplets to form clouds.

From sky to earth

Clouds meet and get bigger and bigger and when their mass is too heavy they give rise to rain, hail or snow, depending on the temperature. The water descends and returns to feed not only the seas, rivers and lakes, but it works its way to the depths to supply groundwater and springs.

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