The Gala Line

The Gala line. A bottle designed by the water itself

A unique bottle design, designed especially for us whose shape was inspired by the movement of water: the dip of a drop that draws concentric circles. Available only in the 0.75 cl format.

The environmental Sustainability

A one of a kind design

A bottle with a one-of-a-kind design, inspired by the shapes of water:
the perfection of the rings formed by a drop of falling water, the beauty of a waterfall that shapes nature.
The story of a mineral water that belongs to an ancient world, which is returned to us today
in the form of a precious gift.

The strength and tranquility of the Appennine Mountains

Soft and enveloping lines, a design that enhances the water and its territory, starting with the selection of colors on the label: the greens of the forest and valley, the burnished reds of the Apennine rocks. With its presence alone this bottle represents the strength and tranquility that infuse the Apennine Mountains.


For “Gala” occasions

It is called ‘Gala’, after the most stately parties and elegant receptions. It is the perfect water for special occasions, even formal ones, where elegance is a must. A packaging with a great visual impact, which visually enriches each table and impresses with a unique, elegant and sinuous design. A bottle that evokes, with its name, its refined style and ability to welcome quests. San Cassiano Gala line is exclusive only for the market created to be the protagonist on the tables of the best restaurants and hotels.