San Cassiano Gala: the elegance of water

27 April 2021

A new line for mineral water that springs from the historic Marche spring, in the new and refined glass bottle that seems to have been designed by the water itself.

The soft and enveloping reflections of the concentric circles drawn by the dip of a drop, to embellish the tables of restaurants, bars and hotels.


A unique design, inspired by the shapes of water: the perfection of the circles drawn by the dip of a drop, the beauty of a waterfall that shapes nature. The new 75 cl glass bottle of SAN CASSIANO "GALA" seems designed by water itself. A simple and cylindrical shape, with an essential but innovative customization because it is an expression of the new line of mineral water designed for the most sophisticated tables in restaurants, bars and hotels.

San Cassiano water is already known because in itself it collects all the purity and vitality of the Marche Apennines, crossing rocks and uncontaminated places. Drinking San Cassiano means savoring the beauty and naturalness of a landscape that is still intact with every sip and that the Togni family, which has guarded its source for three generations, is committed every day to preserving its integrity and goodness. With unparalleled love and respect for its rich and fascinating history.

SAN CASSIANO, in fact, is first of all a historical town known since 1119, in the heart of Italy, among the buttresses of the Umbrian-Marchigiano Apennines. The source is located in an uncontaminated valley on the Marche side of the Monte Cucco massif.

It is also a Romanesque-Gothic abbey, a few steps from the source, founded by the Benedictine monks between 1119 and 1177. But it is known that the place was also important for the ancient Romans, here in fact the road to the Chiaromonte pass began. it led back to the ancient Via Flaminia.

The new symbol of the logo that distinguishes the bottle is precisely the reworking of a four-leaf clover depicted in a bas-relief inside the Abbey, to underline and strengthen the sense of belonging to the place.

A bond also expressed in the label, which recalls the colors of the landscape, transmitting the strength and tranquility that the Apennines infuse: for the natural water the green of the woods and valleys, for the sparkling burnished red of the Apennine rocks.

A new livery, to conquer the eyes, as well as the palate, on the most refined tables of events and receptions in restaurants, bars and hotels, as the name GALA suggests.

In the transparency of white glass: to offer a sensory experience to the touch and sight, to keep the organoleptic properties of the content unaltered, and for a choice of sustainability.


Rebranding and new bottle SAN CASSIANO “GALA”:

DCM associati - agenzia di comunicazione

Designer: Marco Benetti

Copy writer: Marco Dalla Valle

Graphic Designer e videomaker: Carlo Piasentini - Nicola Bertoldo

Account: Danila Lombardi